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Movie Review:
Sports in movies has always been considered a risky combination, if not taboo, in tamil film industry. Very few movies have scored big in this category. Vennila Kabaddi kuzhu manages to prove this wrong with its lively potrayal of seven friends and their passion towards a sport - Kabaddi.

It is either fall or glory in "sport-themed" movies and debutant director Susindran, with the help of a lot of debutants, has just managed to strike the right chord.

The movie starts interestingly with the title credits and a bunch of kids playing kabadi. This is where the protagonist , Mari, is introduced. A sincere school going boy, Mari, is forced to quit school and made to herd. The only passion in Mari and his friends' minds is Kabaddi. Times fly and boys become men and the other characters are introduced. Director Susindran has taken special care in sketching out each character. Be it the angry young man Shekar, the tea shop owner Appukutti or the "foodie" Iyappan, each character is so typical to villages down south.

The aim of these guys is to win a kabaddi tournament. But they are such losers that their dream is to win a single match leave alone winning a tournament. And when the annual village festivities begin, everyone is so excited about the Kabaddi match as the opponents are a weaker side. Love blossoms between Mari and ??? (Saranya Mohan) in between. To the team's suprise, the opponents hire a couple of professional Kabadi players to play for their side. This is when Mari , a substitute player till then, gets his chance to play. The match ends on a bitter note over a disagreement with Mari roughing up the opponent player. Watching these incidents is Salavai Muthu (Kishore) who is a renowned Kabadi coach.

After this, the players decide to go to Madurai to play in a Kabaddi tournament. The boys are not allowed entry as it is a district-level tournament despite repeated requests. Quite dramatically, one of the teams registered for the tournament fails to turn out and hence our boys get their five minutes of glory under the recommendation of Salavai Muthu. What happens after that forms the rest of the story which is quite interestingly narrated on screen. The screenplay has gone hand in hand with the direction here.

Newcomer Vishnu (Vishal, as i know him to be) has done a perfect job in donning the protagonist's role. He doesn't have to do anything dramatically though but the way he has under played his character is laudable. He manages to express spirt and enthusiasm in playing the sport. His dialogue delivery and expressions are good for a newcomer but needs to fine tune a little if he aspires to be in the big league. Saranya Mohan, the girl with no name, speaks very little in the movie but captures our heart with her performance.

The other characters, mostly debutants, have done their job perfectly. Kishore, as the coach, has come up with another rousing performance.

Bhaskar Shakthi's dialogues hit the mark with some punches delivered especially by the coach. He should take credit for the way he has handled the caste and sponsorship problems, areas of high sensitivity, in the movie.

Lakshman's camera is another high point of the movie. Though not spectacular, he has captured the essence of the people and the game with great results. The village festival scenes and the shots involving kabaddi matches are a treat to watch.

The same can be said of Selvaganesh, the music director of the movie. The music is neither jarring nor exceptional. It fits the bill for most of the movie. The background score and the songs are just ok.

Susindran's screenplay and direction are the heroes of the movie. His way of dealing with village events, its characters are exemplary. In fact, you feel that the whole village and its people has acted in this movie. He could have expalined the nuances of the games somewhere in the movie for the viewer's better understanding.

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